Africa Connection

africa_flag_map_by_lg_studioUnited Methodist Church is a global community. Our congregation and our annual conference have close connections in particular with Africa. Six of our members have participated in Volunteer in Mission teams in Ghana, where our congregation was part of a collaboration that established a health clinic in rural northern Ghana. Members are encouraged to participate in VIM teams, either abroad or in areas of need in this country.

Out of one of these mission trips there emerged an extraordinary story involving a refugee from the Liberian genocide, who was encountered by one of our church members while at the Budaburum refugee camp in Ghana.  Through the efforts of one of our church members, over a ten-year period, the refugee, who suffered from a congenital disfiguring condition came to the United States, had a series of complicated operations, made contact with lost family members, and has begun a new life, participating job-training and attaining independence.

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